F/ocal Length


12 June – 3 October 2012


f/ocal length consisted of a show reel of video and animation works by nine contemporary artists working with the moving image. The title of the exhibition refers to the location of these artists and their distance from the site of the Oriel Scyharth Gallery in North Wales.  The focal length of an optical system is a measure of how strongly the system converges or diverges light. In this context it refers to the concept of bringing these artists and their works together in the Gallery.


Irish artist Cecily Brennan is preoccupied with the vulnerability of the human psyche in her work and a still image from her video clip ‘Unstrung’ 2007 is illustrated here. Heather Phillipson works with moving image, sound and live events and is also a poet. Jessica Lloyd-Jones merges art, science and technology to reveal new perspectives on the world in which we live. The showreel also consists of work by Glyndŵr University Lecturer in Fine Art Tracy Piper-Wright, Richard Smith who lectures in Audio/Visual Studio Recording Technologies, Yvonne Eckersley who specialises in Design Communication and a selection of work by Glyndŵr University Students from the School of Art & Design.


Have a look at pictures from the Private View in our online gallery.


Cecily Brennan   www.cecilybrennan.com
Heather Phillipson www.heatherphillipson.co.uk
Jessica Lloyd-Jones www.jessicalloyd-jones.com
Tracey Piper-Wright     www.randomaccumulator.co.uk
Cecily Brennan Unstrung 2007 still image from video