Fair play by Foul Means

28 February – 28 May 2009

This exhibition consisted of prints by nine contemporary artists including etchings, carbarundrum, woodcuts, digitial inkjet and monoprints


‘Of course, this is one of ‘fair plays’ themes – the recording of haphazard life and what it means, at all, to record anything. The cumulative effect is to suggest that there’s always more to life, more possibility, another story, and that nothing is fixed or ended. There’s always something new to know or see, even when you think you’ve seen it all’


This is an excerpt from the introduction by Ali Smith to the novel ‘Fair Play’ by Tove Jansson which is concerned with the ‘unexplored territory’ in art and life. Within this exhibition it refers to the potential exploration that printmaking provides the artists, six of whom are painters, one a photographer, another a video sound artist. For each of them making prints is an integral part of their practice.


Making prints is messy, think 'inky hands', 'sticky scrim', varnish and acid. The term ‘foul biting’ is used to describe the haphazard, unintentional marks made in the groud of an etching plate by the acid. Printmaking is a tactile process, foul means to explore and create something new, ‘even when you think you’ve seen it all’.




Sam Belinfante

Sam Belinfante’s dual education in classical music and visual art informs his works in film, video and sound. He lives and works in London.


Maurice Cockrill

Born in 1936. Maurice Cockrill’s work is constantly evolving, ranging from photorealism to expressionism, from landscapes to mythologigical sunjects and near abstraction. Former keeper of the Royal Academy Schools and fellow of Glyndwr University.  Cockrill has exhibited extensively both nationally and internationally.


Dennis de Caires

Dennis de Caires’s work references objects and colour from his West Indian origin. He was born in 1957 in Guyana which is part of the Caribbean. He currently lives and works in London and Barbados.  He is represented by NuEdge Gallery Barbados. 


Arturo Di Stefano

Born in 1955. Arturo Di Stefano’s work is haunted by cultural memory and reflects upon the seminal events and experiences of his life often evoking his Italian roots. Arturo Di Stefano lives and works in London where he is represented by Purdy Hicks Gallery.


Felim Egan

Born in 1952. Felim Egan’s paintings and prints are essentially landscapes and seascapes. The low horizon in the work owes much to the fact the Egan lives at Sandymount, where the rim of Dublin Bay opens to the Irish Sea.


Andrzej Jackowski

Born in 1947. Andrzej Jackowski spent his first eleven years of his life in a refugee camp near Crewe. This has informed his work over the years together with found imagery and facets of his memory. Andrzej Jackowski is a Professor of painting at the University of Brighton.


Alice Maher

Born in 1956. Alice Maher’s work draws on areas of reference deeply embedded in cultural history: folk and fairy tales, myth, local tradition, and medieval history. Alice Maher lives and works in Co. Mayo.


Estelle Thompson

Born in 1960. Estelle Thompson’s work is concerned with colour, complex spatial configurations and the history and evolution of abstraction. Estelle Thompson lives and works in London. She is the Visiting Professor in Fine Art at Glyndŵr University.


Sam Belifante Improvisation with Drumstick I
Sam Belifante - Improvisation with Drumsticks II
Sam Belifante - Improvisation with Drumsticks III
Sam Belifante - Improvisation with Drumsticks IV
Sam Belifante - Improvisation with Drumsticks V
Sam Belifante - Improvisation with Drumsticks VI