Moving Minds


Private View


Thursday 18 February, 6pm

Oriel Sycharth Gallery, Glyndŵr University

Curator: Mike Corcoran

“If, as we confront some task, a part of the world functions as a process which, were it done in the head, we would have no hesitation in recognizing as part of the cognitive process, then that part of the world is (so we claim) part of the cognitive process. Cognitive processes ain't (all) in the head!”

Clark and Chalmers, ‘The Extended Mind’ (1998)

Moving Minds is an exploration of the mind’s relationship to brain, body and world. It will uncover some of the cutting edge ideas in philosophy of mind, computational science and connected fields on the subject of Extended Cognition: the view that elements of the external environment can play a causally active role in the mental life of an individual. That is, the view that our minds extend the body, and reach out into the world!

The exhibition will see artists, performers and creative practitioners from across the UK and around the world bring the latest developments in our understanding of the mind to life in brand new ways. It will not only be an exhibition of art, but an exhibition of new ideas, inviting everyone who attends to reflect on their own minds, on the relationship between their body, their brain and their world, and on the implications of adopting this new way of thinking for their own lives.


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0001010100100111 Series, Ink on Paper, 2015, Mike Corcoran
Moving Minds Private View
Moving Minds Private View
Moving Minds Private View
Moving Minds Private View