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The Advanced Materials Research Laboratory (AMRL) was established in 1992 as a center for both fundamental and applied research in novel materials at Glyndŵr University in Wrexham. Previous research activities had concentrated on the growth of both conventional (ZnSe, ZnS) and novel (Ga2Se3, CdMgS) wide band-gap compound semiconductor materials as thin films using the technique of metal-organic chemical vapour deposition (MOCVD) for blue-green optoelectronics.


Currently, a major focus of activity in the group is the broad but rapidly expanding area of Nanotechnology with particular emphasis on nanowires including carbon nanotubes. We invented a technique for the direct patterning of vertically aligned metal nanowires using concentrated, focussed magnetic fields and realised a simple field emission device in this way. We also developed a technique (with Leicester University, Prof Andrew Abbott) for conformal overplating of carbon nanotubes with chromium metal using novel ionic liquids and discovered that when formed at low coverage’s that the metal clusters are magnetic. We have also recently discovered that mouse muscle precursor cells are highly aligned on the exposed edges of single walled carbon nanotubes (paper submitted to J. Materials Science and Engineering C). This work is a collaboration with Keele University (Dr. Ian Holt).


We have also just started (1st November 2012) a project funded by STFC to develop a more efficient polymer solar cell. This is in collaboration with Rutherford Appleton Laboratories, Oxfordshire.


The laboratory also engages with local industry to help develop products and processes. In 2004 the laboratory completed a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) project (KTP-online) with Micro Materials Ltd (Wrexham) to develop both high temperature and cold stages for their NanoTest instrument. In 2012 we completed another KTP with Ellison Sensors International Ltd to bring in-house the processes for production of silicon-on-sapphire based pressure sensors.



The Nanotube Site

Collaborations with other organisations included Manchester University (TEM studies of rare-earths in both GaAs and Si/SiGe Dept. EE&E), microwave ceramics (Materials Science Centre), High Modulus PBO fibres (Materials Science Centre) and with Coventry University the study of ACEL ZnS:Cu,Cl powder phosphors (Centre for Data Storage Materials). We also had a collaboration with the European Space Agency (Noordwijk) on the development of superconductive tunnelling junction photon detectors for astronomy (S-CAM project) where structural diagnostics were provided by us using TEM.


In addition to the  STM-CVD system , the facility consists of three laboratories for wafer preparation, thin film growth.

Services to Industry.


Highly aligned Mouse Muscle cells grown on edges of thick Single Walled Carbon Nanotube films

Andrew C. Wright and Ian Holt, J. Materials Science and Engineering C   submitted

Magnetophoretic Assembly and printing of nanowires

Andrew C. Wright and Michael Faulkner

J. Vacuum Science and Technology B 30(2) (2012) 021603                See for download

Nanomagnetic domains of chromium deposited on vertically-aligned carbon nanotubes

Andrew C. Wright, Michael K. Faulkner, Robert C Harris, Alex Goddard and Andrew P. Abbott

J. Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 324(24) (2012) 4170-4174           See for download


The influence of the substrate on the growth of carbon nanotubes from nickel clusters -an investigation using STM, FE-SEM, TEM and Raman spectroscopy
A C Wright, Y Xiong, N Maung, S J Eichhorn and R J Young
Materials Scince and Engineering C 23 (2003) 279-283  (PDF)

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Metal-Organic Chemical Vapour Deposition for the preparation of new materials and interfaces
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Chapter 11 from 'Interfacial Science'.
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