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Immersive Technology

BSc (Hons)
Immersive Technology

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Why choose this course?

Immersive Technology focuses on the development and deployment of content specific to Virtual, Mixed and Augmented Reality.


If you have a flair for creativity, a drive for innovation and a thirst to experience new technology then this is the course for you. Designed to cover a wide and varied spectrum of development, the course emphasises the importance of creative development and the power of embracing technology, to deliver fully immersive 3D worlds that users can physically engage with.


An entirely practical based course, participants are guided through the development process of creating assets to populate virtual environments and how to bring their creations to life. Introducing innovative ways to engage and interact with highly desirable products that provide endless possibilities in their application. This technology is quickly becoming a predominant area of development, providing both desirable and invaluable applications throughout a broad range of industries including entertainment, education, business, health and military.


Focusing on the latest technologies, the course utilises equipment such as head mounted displays, 4D cinema screens, electronic prototyping, game engines and drones. The range and diversity of its application is only limited by the mind of the individual and provides a wonderful opportunity to engage with technology harnessing its power to solve real-world problems and provide new ways to employ creative solutions.


The course provides a diverse range of skill-sets to accommodate different tastes and allows individuals to specialise in areas of interest. Designed to introduce participants to the complete development process and the latest immersive technology, it covers both creative applications such as media development and 3D modelling to more technical aspects, which includes programming and hardware prototyping. The level and type of content delivered is reflective of the individuals’ preferences and content is tailored to meet their desired specialisms.


Working closely with real-world industry projects, participants are encouraged to engage with the unique opportunities and challenges they present, providing an invaluable learning experience that offers true reflection on actual working practices. This is also carried into assessment, allowing students to reflect on the practises and see the true value of their contribution towards their development.


You can also choose to study this course as a foundation year BSc (Hons) Immersive Technology (4 years including foundation year) UCAS Code: J823